siberian tiger vs lion fight

But remember, acceptance is the best medicine…. Go do some real research everything is in the favour of Tiger. They only bite with enough force to kill their prey. L.O.L…, I dun know man, a website which has opinions from EXPERTS (not ordinary people) and references should be considered scientific…, I challenge you to cite a scientific source which supports the lion…. Try Google Scholar.. its there, if you look.. & if you can possibly grasp the reality.. Do you expect me to provide links of all of those websites? @ fake ‘james w’. (9) Old male lion control food force a large Himalayan bear to back off with a frontal attack (male lion and a three legs old lioness vs. two large bears). To dominate an animal must be strong, tenacious, courageous, great fighting and dodging skills, tough, ferocious and great will power. Tiny intellect does not even know what.. Riguardo alle dimensioni generali , la tigre siberiana e la tigre del bengala hanno una Media peso maggiore del leone di 45-80 kg , la tigre indocinese è simile al leone, ma più muscolosa e forte, la tigre cinese è solo un po’più piccola, la tigre di sumatra e la tigre malese sono più piccole del leone , ma relativamente! but tigers kill and eat bears, but a tiger can also kill a polar bear. In fair fights between these two great cats, the male lion will win most of the time. siberianfury. And very seldom (not never, but rarely) are the males involved in the hunt. Why? Your email address will not be published. The male lion is unique, he belongs to a higher league. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "The male lions have imposing manes that make them appear much larger and more threatening. Definitely a Siberian Tiger wins hands down…, The only real competition they have is the large russian brown bears which can go either way depending on size etc…. But none of that matters to the lions, who live on this land and don’t seem to pay any attention to visitors, driven about in a couple of Toyota Land Cruisers that are completely open to the air, no windows for separation. Most experts will favour the Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger over an African Lion. We are talking about Rome here, if they don’t like something; they change it. Tiger beat every animal on earth. But for a boss lion.. who has only got to where he is by NEVER This is the fact of the situation.. whether you like it or not.. La TIGRE è il felino superiore e, come detto prima, è il predatore all’apice!!! That created unrealistic expectancies. Look at all the advantages they have! I don’t think that a Lion can kill a Tiger with paw strike or Tiger can kill a Lion with paw strike. Jeeze kid.. But scientists say that in a fight between a Bengal tiger and an African lion, there is a 90% chance that the tiger will win. I know it is hard to believe such stories, but if you dig deep enough, you will find out that they are true. Bangla-stan just called.. ” Lion Tiger strength comparison ” this website contains tons of evidences. So… sorry lion fans. (11) Tigers are twice as strong as lions. “so many evidences” are listed there, so fan boy opinions are demolished. Honey badger stands zero chance – if a boss lion is in a mood to destroy it.. Yeah, actually lion gets crushed by lion. used by lesser predators.. Dude… Actually the owner of this tiger had only 3 young lions. The tiger is a lo,e Hunter. Male lions do not kill their own cubs.. they, like all male cats, I watched 1 video and did not accept it because the rottweiler was a bit smaller and not fully grown..which means not fully mature to use its full potential…but than i saw another video to confirm who would beat who in a fight if both the kangal and rottweiler where fully mature, and they both must have or must not have fighting experience. TONY/AKA S-B.. ah, no.. ‘schooled’ – what a lucky coolie.. L.O.L…, See Lames, I would agree with you, but than we would both be wrong…. About the tiger’s weight. Kailash Sankhala wrote that the lions took the territories away from the tigers. They are both fighting, I don’t see why the tiger would lose to the lion in the wild, if he doesn’t lose to him in a zoo. they do also hold ‘grudges’ & ‘resentments’ in their memory, James W, However your “opinion” remains worthless, Eurasia, he’d for sure.. back his chances.. & be proven right.. as it happened.. & a big-as, buffalo-fed Okavango boss lion.. would still.. deal to the RBT.. Just what it is to know, that you are a fan of a tiger. There are more than one species of Tigers, and the SIBERIAN TIGER is the largest of all cats, period. on hungry they even killed wolf, black and brown bear for food in Siberia which makes him the most fiercer land animal on earth. well, not more more than once, anyhow.. Basically they are built to fight , just like mike Tyson ain’t the heaviest guy but built to fight . They also have very powerful jaw muscles to. they kill it singlehandedly, a lion could never accomplish this period. Many times tigers don’t event strikes each other they only use their paws to hold each other and that’s it! lions are toughest animal on earth . if it was a real fight.. L.O.L…. African Lions = 160 – 210kgs. That doesn’t mean people are stupids. Do some research, instead of being an “ignorant coolie”…OR… do kindly provide citations for your ludicrous claims (as if!). Before the tiger got killed, he had sent 18 of them to doom!! Once a lie is repeated enough times, people will confound it with a solid truth. While I believe the Tiger would beat the Lion he did injustice for it saying that Tigers and Lions reach 7 ft and 4 inches and 6 ft and 1 inch. Dallars, ..has simply gotta learn his limitations.. or get a beat-down too.. L.O.L…, AKA/Jackie.. any cat dumb enough to lie “in the midddle of a highway “, Infact, your IQ is much less than 50, I’d say. It is okay, even Miley Cirus has a longer dick than you. The mother tiger takes care of the cubs by herself at all times until they have grown up. tigers are far superior in size,strength,power,agility,speed, ferocity,skill, biteforce and intelligence. circus beastmasters, who kept their wild-caught performers Even though I agree that size doesn’t matter ,in this situation it does come into play. Without the protection of a pride, a solitary MALE AFRICAN LION doesn’t stand a chance in the Savannah. Surprisingly males are good hunters too, they are large preys specialists. And they do it all alone. African lion found in Africa continent only especially in sub-Saharan Africa where they prey on wildebeest, zebra, wild pigs, deer, antelopes and other small and large size animals like wild buffaloes etc. THIS IS THE REALLITY! Artefacts confirm the lion’s superiority also. Troll on kid.. still at your infantile ID scam.. NO! & only fairly small differences exist between them.. Male lions don’t fear tigers, but tigers do fear a lion. & he freely acknowledges that indvidual big cats have mightily impressed him, sensitivity.. which augers badly for your future.. James W, or this.. And its been proven by many researchers MULTIPLE times that because of larger cranial volume, tigers are more intelligent than lions. So very true… Lions are the truest warriors…and are relentless in fights…. No facts, just lame adjectives. Hey, ‘stupid boy’.. Aww…L.O.L…, “You are clearly.. not interested in anything, other THE TIGER IS ONE BIGCAT THAT LIVE ALONE AND HUNT ALONE ALSO BIGGESTS PRIDES LIKE ELEPHANTS,RHINOS,CROCRODILES,GAURS,BEARS,FOR THIS ALL THE BODY OF THE TIGER IS SUPERIOR THAN LION, ALSO THE MORE BIGGEST BRAIN,BITE FORCE MORE POWERFUL, AND CLAWS MORE longs ! So, its off to the call-centre for scamming duties, eh Apey.. Even leopard kill lion. I suggest you just read the links Ross Wind cited. The Lions are opportunistic hunters. If it wasn’t right the first time why would it be right the next 10 times you say it? And with all that they still dominate. Tiger is 80% muscle, while lion is 40% muscle. 24- At 8:30 min. It’s not a bodyguard, it’s a killer! It could had been a political propaganda against the British rulers and this story may never append. Tiger did post this link, but I will post it again., (7) Males Lions will confront a bear by the front (obvious staged fight), Just put your dumb-as ‘opinion’ away.. According to you, that is. but.. the tiger has no such useful defence himself.. & get your numbers right.. The tigers average weight is often overrated. I agree that there are probably evidences of Lions killing Tigers but the truth is that the Tigers have killed lions far more than the lions have killed tigers. Different species of lions can be found in many countries of the Middle East, Europe, North America, Northern India and Africa but now lions are living in Africa aside from a small group. However if it decides to use infrasound for extra measure, then there’s no telling how far the roar can reach. Note that the outcomes of these fights are NOT an accurate representation of what would happen in the wild. sadly There seems to be a lot of loose usage of just the term Tiger. They are based on evidence. On page 119 Kailash Sankhala had the honesty to state in a fair fight on a one on one combat a tiger is no match for a lion he added that a tiger will avoid a lion. When they reach maturity they venture out on their own. newspapers from 2nd hand sources, or in the ‘That’s what I heard’ category.. must fight, often & well, to prove themselves worthy Sheer Khrap, then.. you are really not interested in “research” at all, & such a claim is.. yes.. These two wild animals are very familiar and well-known animals in the world because these two animals have unique and impressive abilities. Muscles also weigh more than fat. But lions habitually live in groups, & are Male lions protect lioness and cubs from other animals .They are faster than tiger.lions have more fighting expirence. ..accept the facts.. even with EVIDENCE in your face.. Boss males lions are the ‘King of Beasts’.. I am a fan of all big cats. The male lions have imposing manes that make them appear much larger and more threatening. Looks like Lames is butt hurt because he can’t counter any of my arguments, thus he escalates from troll mode 2.0 to troll mode 3.0! Clyde Beatty trained over 2000 big cats most of them were born in the wild. A lion roar is more majestic to hear, but a tiger roar is DEFINITELY SCARIER!! 10. This is because a tiger is a cunning fighter. They are agile, swift, powerfull and much more aggressive than the Lion. Lion vs tiger – comparison Dave Salmoni. you’ll find out about the actually measured Without both conditions, you’re not really thinking, but simply moving your prejudices around. or be destroyed by the rampant lions.. Tigers never made it to Africa.. Tiger defeats lion: a tiger victory in a staged fight in which the tiger took advantage of freeing its both front paws whereas the lion could make swipes with only one paw at a time. tigers are more.. Although there are many ways and resources to know about these two animals, a comparison is a perfect way to know complete details about African lion and a Siberian tiger . Do you think that a lazy animal would make that choice? Frankly, the tiger is the lord of ALL animals. (& that Y-tube song just whines on annoyingly) – like you do.. Find some thing relevant to see, like ROAR! But both need to be well-trained, that’s the important point. had to retreat into the deep jungle.. just do yourself – a favour.. with the facts, as they stand, & your failure to do so is sad, kid.. In fact, both the lion AND the tiger are a symbol of courage, fearlessness, power, etc. Pound for pound there are no land mammalian more muscular than the male lion. He believes that lions are usually cowards as compared to the tigers. deny EVIDENCE from reputable sources.. And most experts favour the Tiger on these reasons because fighting with two paws is always effective than fighting with only one paw. It is not unambiguous. Conclusion: both /the lion and the tiger/ are the king on the place they live. FYI, Lions and Tigers have similar levels of stamina. But fat-as fur-bag will wish he had a big ol’ dumpster to hide in, Wow, such strong words, huh? & repeating utterly unscientific nonsense.. Now, I know you’ll start ranting about Indians possessing less IQ, but let me remind you, this is all HYPOTHETICAL. A lion tries his best to stay away from a crocodile, unless it got its other guys, but a tiger isn’t afraid of that!! Its neck is also very strong, tough, flexible and supple. But if tiger comes to kill, it wont miss yeah.. so he’s lookin’ at bein’ sent back to the filthy shit hole.. that spawned him.. Well, hell – dumb-as.. you oughta done should’ve figured that one.. out in advance.. your utterly childish tantrum.. The video clearly showed that the lion is the winner and always will be. The animal that wins on these videos is usually younger better shape wild as opposed to a zoo or domesticated animal . In nature tigers avoid frontal attacks (unless it is safe) but male lions will do frontal attacks on a more regular basic. What about in a lion-vs-grizzly fight. & all animals, in their territory know this.. @aka/tiny-Iap.. Polar Bear The Polar Bear has also known as Ursus maritime and it native to the Arctic that is the apex predator within its range. My frendless is zoologist and he did not believe what you wrote.They say: lion is short and light,but it is higher against t.siberian, barely 15-20cm.In a direct fight it most likely resulted in a draw. being stunted in your emotional development. true enough.. how utterly pathetic.. grow up kid.. "}},{"@type": "Question", "name": "What does Siberian Tiger look like? any two man-eating tigers ever did, let alone grizzly bears.. It is an article on the tiger, but has answered many questions. An adult male usually reaches a body length of 2 meters, with his tail adding another meter. But the African lions are more aggressive and have excellent bone structure. And the interesting thing is that a Lions is known as the King of the Jungle, although it lives in grasslands and plains, not in the jungle. foolishly sub-normal, sub-continental.. And as far as the journals are concerned, well, there are many records of tigers killing lions too. If you did.. you’d see the item uderlined (quoted below). Female lions also will not be receptive to mating while they are nursing, so killing the cubs enables the male lions to procreate, said Beverly. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "The Siberian tiger is a subspecies of tiger, and it is the largest cat in the world. ..playing ‘pat-a-cake’ with each other.. The only land carnivore that can stand up to a Siberian tiger, is the polar bear. That’s not an opinion, that is a fact! (Apey..or other call centre-wallah), What a weak effort.. &, that you are a pig-ignorant fanboi. Amur tigers have less than 10% body fat and are 72.6% muscle. Siberian tiger vs african lion fight- who will win? Tigers swim in the ocean and prey on jellyfish. Yes, I love tigers and lions – but all of these things said about them are factual. A lion is no match for the tiger. AP’s link quotes an animal expert named Haughton, who says the following: “The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”. Please bring in … Ironically, even Ross Wind (the one who blindly supports the lion, like you) has even relied on Nat. To a human eyes it may be very impressive but in the world of cats its another story. Is an AFRICAN LION larger than a Sumatran Tiger? I read what you wrote.. Generally speaking, each animal has a 50% chance of winning. And, I am male. The Lion is built with 58.8% muscles and 13.7% fat. Details of this scene was lather explained in the newspapers (The Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962 ). The true troll that you are, you are probably going to ignore those two questions and start your own bullshit rant, L.O.L…, Oh yeah, and you are a lion fanboy, right? !! Larger does not mean it can win a fight against a Lion – we humans actually can’t understand animals Nah… I a’int losing my cool… Everything is in the favor of the tiger. The tiger is a hunter AND a warrior. Children are taught animal sounds where “Tiger roars” is a common word, but they actually roar very rarely. Kindly do attempt to get some education James W. You and Ross Wind are the ones that are ranting about Lion fanatics with zero evidences at all. Do check the accurate citations provided earlier, Tiger loose retreats lion running after. which you are so hyper-fond of.. so.. busted again.. FACTS ARE OBTAINED FROM GOOGLE!! & FYI, lions & tigers can mate & produce huge liger hybrids.. but only if the lion is a male.. Aka/T.. Male lions are only good for scent marking breeding and a scrap or two. The life of lions are much more brutal and violent than tigers. Also, what mammalian land predator could beat the male lion to you? However, jaguars and leopards have higher strength to weight ratio than tiger, but in still in terms of pure strength tigers are far superior. I clearly mentioned that I’ve been through HEAPS of websites. AP, Please provide citations for your ludicrous claims. 3- Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger. @ SK, A stronger, faster, fiercer opponent is a stronger, faster, fiercer opponent no matter if they are both in a zoo or both in the wild. L.O.L…. Lion>tiger>bear – in this context/contest of killers.. On two feet the length of the tiger’s body will make him taller. the main weapons of big cats is claws and teeth, there is no way a Tiger/Lion can kill each other without tearing each other skin, yes they use paws to wrestle down thier opponent or thier prey and then broke wind pipe or spine. Ha Ha love it lions are literally just a big pussy. It contradicts most of your fantasy notions, thus, you don’t buy what it says. It has the thick hair that contributes to keeping them warm and comfortable in all the seasons. THE DAMN VIDEO CLEARLY SHOWS WHO THE WINNER IS..So what the hell are you people still arguing about. While Tiger travel miles in search of prey so basically Tiger will be in better physical condition than a Lion. Martial also states that the Tigers always killed the Lions in the amphitheatre. Apu, you deceitful, sly, sneaking scammer.. will naturally grow to a much larger size than the ‘average’.., 3-Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up. You should be happy with who you are. Also, lion only 50 pounds, while tiger is 2000 pounds. One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. siberianfury. you also said lions are pound for pound the strongest hahahaha are you dumb. Can’t promise anything…. ‘cept his pervasiv rank stench.. (4) Legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead.—-> does this makes sense according to you? If you have the nerve to call that site unscientific, at least, for your own sake, let everybody know what information, specifically, in that website, you find unscientific. 2. Weaponry, cardio/adrenal output, & will-power – all give the ‘King’ – his rightful spot. where you truly belong – you dirty dalit-wallah.. L.O.L…. If lions were really the top carnivores of Indian grassland then what on the earth happened to them? But I have a question: Were there any fights in circuses where lions got the upperhand over tigers in fight? The underdog never wins! All Episodes of Deadman TV are split on Brighteon and Bitchute…. Apey.. apey.. apey.. With lies you will go far but not back again, lies has speed but truth has endurence. Ha, the African Bison can’t be taken down by a single male African Lion, but the larger and muscular Indian Gaur is regularly taken down by a single Bengal Tiger. (5) A Sumatran Tiger named Chester once fought off seven lions. ‘ Game of Thrones’ activity by lions – which was well recognized by human Kings.. Ironically, even Ross Wind (the one who blindly supports the lion, like you) has even relied on Nat. & so yeah, your foolish, ignorant parents.. Best you start getting your act together… unless you want me to keep roasting you… LOL. Jeeze, kid.. prey on holy cows? The fight can go either way, but in a prime male to male battle, the tiger holds the winning cards. I understand why you are skeptical about such stories – in fact, believe it or not, I was to at first. But it seems you have no real interests in learning, either.. eh.. Tony.. ..can alter that fundamental natural reality.. AKA/Yappy.. You are doing the latter. If i once said that lone Lion can kill or bring down adult buffalo bull then my words should be followed by actions or else call me a liar, can i send you a video of lone lion taking down adult buffalo bull? (NOTE: I don’t discriminate against lions. Jeeze kid.. If you want.. This is interesting, a fixation on putative weight differences.. How ever did Mike Tyson in his prime – beat down all those huge muscle-mutt palookas? They are trolls. check the reality of the natural world. Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, in their natural habitat, in Duba Plains camp, Botswana. Male lions rarely get into fights not on a daily bases. No apey.. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. just put aside your childish fantasies & accept it, huh, kid.. AKA/Loser.. On equal footing for weight and experience, the tiger is going to win, because we’re talking about one tiger versus one lion. The males are first to eat when the female lions come home with their kill. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. 26- A lion cub swipe makes an adult tiger back off, AnimalvsAnimalforum Ross Wind, Aka/Tony.. & for the the accounts of ‘gentleman adventurers’ from ~1800-1950.. Ok, so some of those more lurid stories are overt bullshit, usually tales in However all other things being equivalent, & “weight” notwithstanding, & the historical record shows, doing a proper fact check.. funnily enough, just like you, eh boy.. That was a different guys opinion. It increases the force, increases the reach. The male lion is the ultimate fighter n the world of bigcats.. One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. FYI.. Both lions and tigers have 3-4 inch canines. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. ..a stupid boy.. You’ve effectively.. just labelled yourself.. Plus, a Royal Bengal/Siberian tiger has at least a 100 pounds of muscle on the largest male lion. Lion hunting, Only physically strong, intelligent and fit males survive to become adults in charge of a pride, Dereck said. than most people realize, ’cause they only Deadlier Bite force (deadliest bite force among all carnivores(Amur Tigers) Beefier than Lions, which would make the Lion harder to grab the Tiger by it's neck. & some of those prehistoric lions – cubs frozen in permafrost.. Live Science is most certainly a reliable source…. Though stupid and cowardly, these hyenas of Africa have a bite force far greater than that of a lion. This is clearly shown by any meta-analysis of the literature showing actual eyewitness accounts.. Then your research is wrong, for sure. raised as pet by men, but duly returned to the wild.. At 2:50 exactly, the Tiger pins the Lion by grabbing it’s head. & yet.. it still – aint as stinkin’ filthy.. 4.The BFQ ( Bite Force Quotient )of the Lion is 112 and the Tiger had 127. This is reported by many different circus beastmaster accounts, needed a ‘great white hunter’ or two to save them – from those tawny boys.. you still don’t know.. These are the major difference between an African lion vs Siberian tiger that will enable you to know the individual characters, lifetime and abilities. L.O.L…. (1) The majestic tiger is a rare combination of speed, agility, strength, intelligence and ferocity. Do RESEARCH!! If a tiger can not establish a killer bite to the lion’s neck, it always has the option of ripping it’s stomach open (in all fairness, the lion can also do that) That makes the tiger more intelligent. Tigers winning against male lions are just theories on paper…check out most of the animal combat videos and see the dominance of the male lions over the tigers.. And considering that out of 1902 fights, tigers won 1732 but lions won a poor 170, the tiger got the greater muscles!! Simple, its just PLAIN COMMON SENSE. Example, Lionesses, occasionally, solo hunt Buffalo. Tigers can also work in groups too – solitary tigers have been known to gang up in order to kill a problem off, and there have been cases in history where tigers have formed a coalition to escape from captivity to the jungle – check out that video of two Siberian tigers escaping from a zoo in India and encountering a Bengal tiger in the wild. to ‘google scholar’ it.. Look up Wheeler’s 2009 study via ‘researchgate’ 1) In the case of “the gaekwad of baroda” it was done during the awakening of Indian nationalism. ..his due title, long-recognised, as ‘King of Beasts’ .. like it or not.. & kid, those labels ( Nat Geo, Smithsonian Huf’Post) .. article, which did clearly state: pride boss male lion – beats tiger.. aka/tiny.. I saw the interference that it was mostly a draw. Lion as a fighter is somewhat exaggerated by a lot of peoples and some so called experts. Cave lions and barbarian lions are biggest lions.tigers are larger but not strong. Get real kid.. So.. are you gonna refute any of the links I provided? The Barbary lion’s massive mane makes it very, 6-Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (male lion and a three legs lioness vs. two bears. They are very humble, and not only do the let the females and cubs eat first, but they also share food with other tigers! Most of the information is gonna clarify your doubts. You claim that historical records show that the lion was the most dominant land carnivore, but you CAN’T cite one validated source which says that. Hyaenidae, On the other hand, Scar, from Lion King, was just downright evil…. 4) Lone lion can’t hunt it depends on females, papers proved that, Look dude, I don’t need your stupid lecture, ok? on MY bridge’.. L.O.L…. People say that jaguars have largest bite force but that’s only relative to their size. Notice the Indian maharajah, who gamble for the tiger, had the complete control of the selection of the two big cats. Ross Wind provided many links to valid data, but Anon won't even read them, since they sink his fantasies. Check out this website, it explained a Tigress was pitted against the male lions and a lioness. “Tiger” did an awesome job of providing evidence as to why he believed the tiger was the superior cat (Lames was butt hurt when “Tiger” did that, so he resorted to trolling…L.O.L…). The adult Siberian tigers can weigh up to 320kg, and female tigers are predominantly smaller, weighing up to 180 kg. (From ground level). most certainly give him the combat edge.. over his stripey cousin.. But a tiger has its own contribution to its roar, and its the INFRASOUND!! The Siberian tiger is a subspecies of tiger, and it is the largest cat in the world. Tiger jumped on the roof of a tent to escape. Learn how to take in information and how to make use of it without controversy because it can bring harm to yourselves, learn to accept things..stop always arguing over something that you don’t have any facts of..a real fact in our reality world is a video. The tiger gives a greater number of strikes trying to create great damages at the start. look ’em up.. One paw swipe from a tiger can break a gaur’s skull. The Lions are not stronger than Tiger at the shoulder. But let me correct you on one thing: Don’t rely on Clyde Beatty. They’s got a nice cage there.. awaitin’ fo’ pervert stupid-as.. right now.. & yet yo’ is still.. somehow fantasizin’ & so cretinously imagine.. Too funny.. Royal Bengal Tigers = <290kgs well for sure those guys knew what they seen & done, & described it rightly, Lions are ~190 kg of pure muscle while tigers are ~225 kg of pure muscle. it has in fact, been written by a mere undergraduate.. in physics.. not zoology.. Although both the tiger species, the Bengal and the Siberian tigers are powerful; however, if ever a Siberian tiger fight against a Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger will win because it is bigger than the Bengal tiger and is more powerful. The Siberian tiger is the largest predatory cat in the world, with a body length of 1.5-2 meters and weighing 180-300 kg. LOL, too funny. And killed 3 male Lions and a lioness. It is actually very fast ,agile and intelligent. Ross Wind, I think if its a Barbary lion it would probably win against an even a very large Amur tiger. deeply than you are today – in your cruel & decadent ‘cult-culture’ As mentioned earlier, the outcome of a fight between a lion and a tiger would depend heavily on the individuals–their age, breed, mood, fighting style, and physiology. about Beatty, funnily enough – if you check.. You’ll find his experience, to a certain extent.. confirms your impressions.. The facts is that lion still stood no chance against the Tiger. Therefore, the size and power advantage of the Siberian tiger does not make sense. And muscles mean more strength than fat. Not easily , but 6/10 Bengal would win vs a lion…, say what you want, in my eyes it’s an even match…mostly depends on the indivitual animal. Geo. I fully agree with you when you say a Tiger can kill or killed a Lion but i only disagree with you and your Experts when you say a Tiger killed adult Rhinos and Elephants. And only lions and tigers have the ability to bite harder than grizzly bears (maybe Pantanal jaguars). FACT.. AKA/Icehole.. It needs to balance on three paws and punch with only one paw, coz a lion has very weak rear paws, while those of a tiger are very strong. of pig-headed gods.. But male lions, for all their hardships, are sought after by trophy hunters. by the whole pride.. modern cats.. are in fact very closely related..”, It is called an “opinion” my friend, not “bias”. Yes, it has happened in the past. in the roman times they pitted wild tigers vs wild lions and the tigers dominated period. If you cannot grasp this now, you are presenting as a prodromal However, I don’t like to rely on fights from captivity because none of the animals are in healthy conditions. IN NATURE THE ALPHA IS THE ONE CONTROLING FOOD. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. sexual maturity, & fighting to win a pride for themselves. But cases aren’t negligible. There is no such thing – in reality. As soon as the lioness made a growl the male tiger showed and immediate submission posture. THEY DON’T HUNT. Lions are design to hunt the largest preys on land. Yeah, for sure, with a view to ‘ getting even’ at a later date.. whereas lions ..its not blind faith.. its the opposite, in fact.. Lions who grow to adulthood as males must fight.. This is an excellent advantage in fights with other creatures because it doesn’t give up if its neck is injured, as normally animals give up if their neck is bit. ..a single quality citation – of proven factual validity.. Accept the reality.. boss lion dominates his stripey cuz. In fact, a group of tigers are known as a “streak” or an “ambush.”. It is long, but read it. Their canines are longer than our fingers, and twice as long as those of lions. equivalent power & ferocity.. lacks the boss lion’s combat edge..”, Again, you are incorrect. But in my opinion the tiger is the winner Lions are overrated piles of weak shit. And lions try, but just don’t get it. so you reveal yourself.. It is its natural instinct. The tiger than went to Walmart, bought a gun, and killed lions to extinction. I do agree that not all of the advantages go to the Siberian tiger, and that the male lion’s propensity to fight other large make lions probably does give it some cat vs cat advantage over the solitary Siberian tigers who would prefer to avoid fighting large animals if they can help it. Tigers hunt largest prey on Earth, not lions. since the actual facts.. are awful enough.. India is on the official POTUS ‘shithole list’ Not only is it larger, stonger, and more agile, its canines and claws are larger. WORLD’S TIGER SPECIALIST SPEAKS ABOUT LIONS. & he gets them from his father.. who is always – a lion. I am not for tigers. far more thorough, since it lists both direct references, Tutto nella TIGRE è superiore al leone: maggior muscolatura, maggiori riflessi, artigli retrattili ( il leone non li ha) canini più lunghi , zampe anteriori e posteriori più grandi e potenti, torace più ampio, maggiore intelligenza, miglior combattente, migliore cacciatore, migliore nuotatore, migliore Saltatore, e potrei continuare fino a domani….. la tigre ha 72.6% di muscoli in tutto il corpo!! However, there is a difference between doing that and blatantly denying all the evidence in front of you. They come together during grave situations. dont ever compare a group hunter that relies on numbers to kill to a solo killing machine like the tiger. your painfully insecure, & fantasy-prone – ego – actually is.. Advanced Member. Researchers noted it.. the The Tiger not only have longer and sharper canines than Lion but also have higher bite force. The tiger no doubt. Tigers don’t out power bears they use the element of surprise and attacked them by the back. Your sub-normal IQ is showing.. ignorant coolie.. But Bengal tigers ain’t afraid of anything. And one more reason. A tiger would destroy a lion. you’re a menace to society.. As usual, you run your mouth and spout foolish nonsense…too funny.. & as usual, he’s got nothin’ Tiger hunt even they are not hungry.lions travel in serch of food but siberian tiger not need so lions have right to be the king of jungle and beast siberian tigers are larger because they live in cold realgion lions like to live in groups and tiger dont.there are videos that lions save other creatures from predoctors and protect them so they have right to be king tigers never saved any animals.lions are lazy because it rest 16-20 hours a day to get more energy and they are active at night they have great night vision .lions also defeated seberian tigers there are vidioes to prove it. ( & in fact he reveals that his life actully depended.. on his ‘deal’ with his ‘boss’ lion, will not help your case here.. If the facts don’t fit the theory then change the theory. It normally tries to prevent fights with a lion if there’s an escape route. Lion fans are giving very weak arguments. The tiger is a symbol of graceful and massive strength, supple energy and royal aura. along with higher cardio-pulmonary capacity.. & these advantages, along with an indomitable will to win, You can’t right? in knowing the facts, You have the right to hate bears, I have right to dislike house cats. plus that renowned ‘lion-heart’ attitude.. all you can post is captive tigers submitting to lions. So this article helps you get the details about which animal will win in a fight. When they reach maturity they venture out on their own. Considering that male and female lions are born in equal numbers, the question arises: What happens to the missing males? The only *nonsense here is what you are spouting. Sure Ranji, sub-continent, & duly established his rule, so did the British Raj. However, you are an ignorant coolie.. & being called.. ‘Indian’.. Recent news tells us that a tiger had killed a lion in a fight in a Turkish Zoo. Also, most people associate lions with being bold and courageous, and tigers being sneaky, sly, cowardly, and cunning. The lion is now extinct. you need to go to a neurologist. & so he lacks the vital edge in combat capability.. I haven’t added facts of my own. So what in the world some people pretend the tigers pushed the lions away! Did I hurt your feelings by citing a credible source? Swiftness. sheer talent, is well able to defeat his stripey cuz, no doubt.. AKA/Tiny.. Tiger is more intelligent than lion; that is why more covered than lion. Post May 17, 2007 #1 2007-05-17T10:41. While something can come of such theoretical thought, that requires a lack of preformed or preconceived notions about the topic. (8) TIGER FACE TO FACE WITH YOUNG BROWN BEAR (obvious staged fight). "}},{"@type": "Question", "name": "Where do Siberian Tigers live? The numerous historical male lion victories over male tigers was a one on one fair fights. to steal.. a condom.. Don’t deny it Lames, you saw the video… and you were masturbating too right… uh huh… you naughty boy…, Apey.. 4- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up. ..confirm this fact kid.. so just get over yourself.. ..going back thousands of years.. & the lion was justly accorded ‘ King of Beasts’ status .. I am sorry, your post is full of factual errors. I thought i will see a part where a Lion broke tiger’s neck unfortunetely there is nothing like that in this clip. The exchange of territory takes place in every two to three years, and there is no other predator that is as big as Lion that he has to face. Previously, the Siberian tiger was considered the largest of the subspecies, however recent studies indicate that the Bengal tiger is currently the largest.The total length of the Bengal tiger can reach 270-310 cm long, the Siberian tigers can measure up to 200 to 250 cm in length, in both cases the tail measures 80 to 100 cm. Lion is boss, & takes the ‘lions share’ or dies trying, In a matter of fact, if there was prey right in front of him, he still probably wouldn’t go for it. would be too easy.. .. like you beating down an 8 year old kid.. & available, but you reject it, since you only So, he knows what he is talking about. African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger Fight, Who Will Win? Generally they used they paws to hold a prey or as knives to make cuts. Regions were they are enough vegetation they prefer to hunt alone or in duo. L.O.L.. James W, They defeated huge animals like elephants e.t.c. aka/apey/trollie & whatnot.. You’ve been.. totally.. Fact.. AKA/Tiny.. by which you can realistically dispute.. my quite correct assertions.. A tiger directly goes for the enemy’s throat, while a lion is more like, “I will just play and pound with you.”. Secondly the supposedly tiger’s weight advantage did not stop the lions to defeated them in historical films in fair fights in one on one combats. It’s no easy feat finding lions. The Tiger is a careful strategists that plans first how and when to attack. Wrong again kid.. between the ‘bold’ lion, & the ‘lurking’ tiger, can still be clearly seen, It’s insane. They didn’t even touch him, but ran away, scared, when the tiger roared thunderously and five other tigers reached the spot. well, that’s yet another delusion.. As we are talking about power so we will compare male species of both the animals. I saw this video too however in zoo Bengal Tiger kill lion with one paw swipe, Average African Lion is 20 times stronger than a man.Lion’s ML femur is bigger than Tiger.This says Lion is more stronger.Tiger is 13 times stronger than a man.A Lioness can carry 3.5 ton Male Hippo(I watch this in a documentary). Don’t just read facts and end there , question everything you hear/read. It could go either way ( funny, I worded it just that way on another post) , and either way, win or loose, they’re both going to know they were in a fight!. & available, but you reject it, since you only And I’d still bet on the tiger!! human beastmasters who have kept & trained captured animals. First let make a point very clear. Iap, so why don’t you cite some PHD’s ‘opinions’ too then.. as if.. As for Anon.. he hasn’t even bothered to read through this thread, with a powerful lion pride, is either suicidal, a fool, or both.. James W, ..with your dumb-as ‘tude, you’ll get an “education” – for sure, L.O.L…. let alone bears – which would be more ‘meat on the table’ So you habitually resort to scamming.. & other foul propensities.. Tigers have longer leap…each has its advantages, depending on the scenario. the lion not cat. But hell, lions don’t live in jungles. As we know that a lion symbolizes strength and courage, and so is called the king of the jungle, but when a tiger attacks its prey, it kills the prey really faster. I really don’t understand how foolishly arrogant and ignorant people can still be in this world when all the information is out there., (6) Two young adult tigers facing female sloth bear,, Male tiger vs male slot bear at night do at least try & learn.. (7) Around the same time, in a circus, a tiger killed two lions with amazing quickness. the lion bark. On the first afternoon of a three-day safari here, the couple located a group of five lions, including two cubs, as a group of four journalists drove to see them. Since lions are on the list of the toughest animal on earth (National Geographic 2012. tigers are not on the list) we can presume that they have the capacity to live longer. “Hence you openly express bias towards small cats, While fighting the Tigers tend to throw their head back a little, obviously to avoid attacks. for rabid tiger fans – yet with zero linked citations of value in support. FYI: Both the lion and the tiger are the kings of their own territory…. AP, Period., 6-THREE INTIMIDATED AND SUBMISSIVE WHITE TIGERS,, 7- TWO INTIMIDATED MALE TIGERS (notice these two tigers were in a high position, perhaps first and second dominant male tigers),,, NATURE’S LAW, THE DOMINATOR CONTROLS FOOD, 1-Male lion control the food tiger force to back up. ..will intimidate even the biggest elephants.. are of course – much larger than bears.. & how did you miss the bit about the male lion charging/smashing over Once in India, a Bengal tiger dragged a 800 kg gaur over 13 meters, 13 men depending on size and strength may not be able to drag the gaur by a meter. Therefore, if a tiger was to live in the clear Savannah and roar using infrasound every still night, its roar would travel longer distances and its effect would be felt. People will generally accept FACTS as Truth only if the the facts agree with what they already believe. & since many of those famed circus beastmasters wrote memoirs, (5) Two TIGERS FIGHTING A SLOTH BEAR with no element of surprise. Tigers are ambush fighters as clever/sneaky predators and very rarely fight face to face. sooner or later.. hence their rep’ for being less ‘trustworthy’ – than lions.. James W, While a Lion can fight for hours and may even fight to death. And killed 3 male Lions and a lioness. As social animals hunters could find several of them at a same time. And the size differentials is just too much for the lion. When they do, their swipes are as fast as the tigers if they wish too. Comparatively, a tiger prevents unnecessary mess. An important fact is that a tiger has same size front and back paws. was a “6 year old”, & that’s real impressive.. Guys why to debate when we already know the winner of the fight. 2- At 8:30 min. – if those kindly Britishers hadn’t booted your lazy dumb-as Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. Apey.. If you are in fact interested, check out the well documented Plus, this likely happened because the tiger was provoked. Fanboy nonsense, & a purblind, pigheaded refusal to accept reality. So their muscular control is super high and tuned in. is truely indicative of his sadly subnormal mental development.. James, would you kindly actually make an argument of your own and present facts instead of just making some arbitrary argument? 2) How is a source which has opinions from experts, unscientific? There are many facts and studies conducted that prove the Tiger is superior than Lion. Wrong.. So stop day dreaming, Its true lion is real king I saw in video 3to4. A tiger won’t hesitate before charging after a thousand men too. The kangal dog convinced me and i gave up. Put healthy mature lions and tigers together and throw them a good piece of meat. they sleep all day or patrol their territory while the females do all the hunting, the dirty work. What with Bengal tigers killing crocodiles, they surely ain’t afraid of anything. & accepting of, humans as being on their level.. who have many years of hands on living with big cats.. You will learn that – all nonsense about ‘evil’ & such – aside.. 1) What are the tendencies of both cats? Ross Wind’s citations are not accurate because they are all fake video clips. That 5% is what makes them different…, “You have overweening ‘confirmation bias’ The tenacious lion will run after him. (3) Young tiger and young Himalayan bear playing together. When Nat. Just telling. We’re not talking about two animals of the same size. Do AFRICAN LIONS take down enormous prey like Giraffes and Elephants? This deadly combination gives us our winner—the Siberian Tiger, one of the deadliest big cats ever! Hey khunt, you wouldn’t know a fact, if you saw one.. Read 99 Facts of Ligers According to Robert Edmund; in a lion vs tiger fight a tiger will always. In reality kid, whether you like or not, its lion>tiger in combat. Learn, and accept it young fella. This is the truth.. learn to accept reality James. (10) The latest was the Ankara Zoo Incident, Turkey, in 2011, where a tiger killed a lion with one paw swipe, breaking the lion’s neck. Tigers have strong hind legs that are frequently used to wound the other animal. Big Battle Animals Real Fight - face off Jarade ChanelAnimals, Lion, Battle, Tiger, Zoo, Wildlife, Fight, vs, Anaconda, Documentary hd. Lions are majestic in their own way- the loudest roar that carries for miles across the Savannah etc etc but sorry, no comparison to a tiger. IF you do take the time & effort to read through the useful.. And it is the second-largest big cat so the male lion weight about 500 pounds and grows to eight feet in length. Lion won’t even put up a fight to a Siberian tiger. In size, Siberian Tiger is larger (infact, the largest of all tigers) but muscle-wise, Bengal Tiger is stronger. even though science via genome studies show that all This lions had to travel weeks in a ship. L.O.L…. who just like Beatty.. has actually had the benefit of hands-on.. life Period. —->How hard is a Tiger’s paw, is it hard like a hammer or is it more powerful than horse kicks? That is something which can’t be measured by such easy tests. A pure one is. And that’s the very same world you are living in right now James, always lagging behind. & demonstrating the effects of malnourishment Siberian Tigers = 310 – 345kgs Il tigre maschio ha 35% più massa cerebrale del leone, la tigressa ha 26% più massa cerebrale della leonessa, inoltre la TIGRE è un felino molto più atletico, scattante, e migliore saltatore e nuotatore del leone!! Tiger.. if you do.. well kid… But it’s more than enough to respect their massive size, power and grace. It takes a remarkable tiger to defeat an ordinary lion.. Ironically, while humanity has severely constrained the big cats from their past natural ranges, If the lion is still the king of the jungle for you, then for me the tiger is the lord of the jungle. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "And it is a second largest big cat so the male lion weight about 500 pounds and grows to eight feet in length. On the contrary, the tiger sleeps for about 18 hours, but atleast it hunts on its own. Also, Tigers are not cowards. Come on… it’s not is a mystery if most experts will agree that tiger will win. The majestic tiger is a rare combination of speed, agility, size, authority, ferocity intelligence, supple energy, royal aura and pure, graceful strength and is the uncorroborated ruler of the jungles. Proof as to why tigers are more powerful than lions: These people are to stupid to see there own stupidity. A pack of 24 of these dogs attacked a lone tiger. who wins? even in places where lions did not occur naturally, & tigers did.. Lions are generably more likeable with humans, & are trustworthy, And owes his reputation to his imposing mane. In the animal face-off , it showed an asiatic lion vs a bengal tiger ( which is smaller and weaker than a siberian tiger) . Female lions are also attracted to males with complete, thicker manes. Lion is King.. regal, majestic.. Lions are just to built to fight other Lions to prevent his pride but if Tigers, it is a difference situation. In average his lions-tigers were about the same weight. In contrary the tiger is very nervous by nature. The bite occurred days before a visit from the television program “60 Minutes” — but instead of canceling, Dereck went through with the interview. Lions fights regularly and tigers rarely. With skin that can literally take bullets, knives and sword abuse, the crocs got to be super dangerous creatures. (P.S. The first sight of wild lions is stirring, for a number of reasons. Female Siberian tigers give birth once every two years at any point during the year. Indeed, there have been cases of lions forming bonds with humans, but the same can be said about tigers to. ..fearlessly & skilfully, to eat, & to earn a place as a pride boss.. Jeeze kid, just look up the case study of ‘ Notch’ – he was such a boss Try to comprehend, if you can.. ( its doubtful).. Because of this, it can run fairly fast and easily accelerate to 65 kmph, despite its weight. The TRUTH is that tigers in Kaziranga National Park have started killing adult rhinos – while there is not even one verified account of a lone lion bringing down an adult male cape bull buffalo. Lions don ‘t like to kill tigers they only chase him away but sometimes lions kill tiger. Indian IQ is not below 90. 7. Have you ever experience Ultimate Lion Adventure one of the best lion fighting games with awesome Pk African Lion Fight Lion Fight American Vs African 3D action game.You need to fight against enemy African Lion to kill him with the trained American Lion Fighter simulator . From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. ‘disgustingly fat-as, dumpster-diver’ reputation.. & how is it – you do not know this? There’s no contest. Also, the Tiger is 72.6% muscle with 7.7% body fat, while the Lion is a mere 58.8% muscle with 13.7% body fat. Let’s talk about the fighting skill, The Tiger is the kung fu master in the animal world. yourself, we have rob & Swampy-G along with Klendathu -G here already in that role.. You clearly have no idea.. if you cannot comprehend that a lion & a jaguar are very The male lion is very aware of is power that’s gives him a self assurance. ..including size, power, & aggression.. The fairly minor morphological differences between lion & tiger Another advantage of the tiger is that its mass is more evenly distributed. AP sez repeatedly.. AP, sorry I mean to say “those accounts were dug deep by the Europeans”. Jeeze kid.. But the African lions are more aggressive and have excellent bone structure. Zoo encounters are worthless. Still if I’m going on what I know about these animals, the SIBERIAN TIGER would be the victor. & apparently cannot tell.. the difference.. You are poorly informed, & have no depth of learning., & 2 male lions intimidate herd of buffalo, & each gets a buff.. shit like this, shows that, on a very basic level.. And the Siberian tiger has been known to eat sub adult and female brown bears. The development of the large mane in prime male lions gives a fundamental advantage in conflicts, ..they’d be in conniptions.. at being on the menu for those cunning cats.. Umm… no. go do real reasearch. You are probably going to say that it is unscientific… LOL. Comunque, tutte le 6 sottospecie di Tigri , vincono il più delle volte con il leone, per la migliore tecnica di combattimento !!!! Yet again, you show a “misunderstanding of” air quotes. Your assertion is not correct. & the typical unreasoning fantasy tiger fan-boy crap.. of his despicable, degenerate, in-bred and it has longer claws and canines. Yeah.. I’ve been through numerous websites. All the records since the 1800’s until around 2008 were revised. & the differences are mainly in the lion’s favour, in a fight. There is a lot of corruption in India, indeed… 3- Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up. That guy was EXTREMELY BIASED towards lions. Now, James is gonna cry to his mommy…Lol. Hence you openly express bias towards small cats, These all the measurements show that the present it’s longer than the African lion so if you compare Siberian tiger vs. African lion then the Siberian tiger easily wins the fight. Even your troll attempts are super-lame.. Best you go back to your slum, dog.. tail between legs.. Sheer Filth.. So, from my speculation, if you take a healthy wild lion and a healthy wild tiger, both have an equal chance of winning. In cases of hyenas/dogs they don’t readily attacks Lions. The Siberian tigers are discernible by their striped hair. Their wild counterparts are a completely different story. ..even bull elephants, & huge crocs.. & they’d dominate tigers – the same way too.. The pride is family groups that may include up to three males and a female and also their young child. Now we saw on many films how difficult it is for a tiger to fight a one on one battle with a mature healthy male lion. You’ve earned yourself a security investigation, fool.. Yup, you sure did get up on the wrong side of the cage. 7- Two lion cubs (adolescent, not sub adult yet) killed a tiger (actually one male lion made the throat bite) the zookeeper and crowd were panicking the tiger on his side not moving. check the research Lions will give few warnings and will generally settle with several violent strikes. In fact, National Geographic 2012 stated that “lions, tigers, and hyenas generate ~1000 PSI.”, I think a Barbary lion would probably best any modern day Bengal/Siberian tiger. 3)Tiger killed a Lion with one swipe ( It makes sense because Tiger’s claws are sharper than any sword or spear because African people stab a lion more than 3 time before it dies but tiger killed a lion with one swipe. So honestly, that link certainly has some truth to it…, Plus, I guarantee you that he is FAR more reliable than Clyde Beatty…. Only about 1 in 8 male lions survive to adulthood, Dereck said. the winner takes all – stakes of apex predator/top carnivore lifestyle – Only, people bring them together for the circus and pleasure. The Lion usually just play fights. I have studied and researched large cats since I was a child. Lion environmental living situations have boosted their adaptive evolutionary responses, so lion wins, fact. Yes, That post in Hungry for trp, spread the post and make it more hungry in Big cats lovers. (13) Bengal tigers are second largest type of tigers, next only to Siberian tigers, but tend to be much stronger. which you cannot accept, due to your mental incapacity. Come ho detto prima, la tigre è più intelligente del leone!!! He feared humans. Many people associating with Lions being most skill full fighters of all big cat is utter rubbish. That’s show u nothing..know about lions and tigers….if tiger winning in this fight…..ur mother is ur sister…..and who fucked by ur elder brother…and then born by ur sis…. The young male lions are more independent and leave to find their own family by taking over a group headed by another male. My money is on the tiger. Its on you tube I do t feel like getting link. (6) Same size front and back paws therefore can run fairly fast- max 65 kmph. Because Ross Wind, just like you, is a lion fan… very funny…LOL. all actually favour the lion when it comes to combat.. Again this list of particular developmental advantages.. as comprehensively My answers are on the basis of hell lot of research. * (12) Powerful swimmers; 30 kilometers in summers.—->How many hours do tiger spend in water to cover 30km? ..accord with reality.. & not your childish fantasy ‘faves’.. Boss lion whips his stripey cuz in combat kid.. which is a sewer.. running with sub-normal.. AP, The Lion have absolutely no chance against the Tiger. 😉. Where did you get this ludicrous notion from? An argument lion fans use is the lions mane, but while it is are you dumb. AKA/Tiny.. Surprisingly in average male lions are a little larger and lionesses and tigresses about the same. Both lions and tigers sprint between 35-50 MPH. It is more frequent to see over weight tigers in the wild and a lot more often in captivity tigers than overweight lions. Khan you are not stupied but you have got a bad luck when it comes to say anything that involves intelligence. Lion: King of the Jungle/King of the Beasts in story books. over all, lion and tiger are very close on size and weight, but lion take slight edge over tiger in many view. Trollie-troll, Because they know that the Lion had higher chances of being either in pride or coalition. Here’s the mistake though. By reading this you can sense how dangerous animal a tiger really is. Imagine two of the sumo world’s heaviest wrestlers lying on top of each other…with you underneath their combined weight (300 kg)! ..are only as good as the references – which support what they write.. Clearly.. the Smithsonian article is NOT a scholarly scientific piece.. in top condition, to provide the best possible showing, as Concerning the fate of lions and other wildlife, the biggest problem is a lack of awareness and ignorance. L.O.L…. Tigers from kaziranga national park started killing Indian rhinoceros. while claiming admiration for the biggest of them.. I love Donald Trump. enough to cause a level of cognitive dissonance which overwhelms your limited intellect. such as “72.6% muscle” is more “imbecile” stuff.. You have seen the EVIDENCE of male lions hunting.. Honey badgers sometimes kill lions if they get aggressive. & see how your dumb-as, ‘stupid boy’ – routine.. fits in there.). And tiger can beat a turkey, but lion can’t – lion have no mane, tiger do. Of course they’re not gonna support the Asian/European animal. 1. & its ’bout time.. you got her titty out yo’ mouth, boy.. As Capt Mainwaring so cogently put it.. The tiger is not. which is a major.. something.. your cited ‘expert’ – certainly aint done had.. Well, for starters, the guy who I cited actually spent time OBSERVING animals in the wild. Interesting cases: ( 1 ) once 5 wild buffalos engaged in very! Otukile, let me assure you that all the evidence in front of you tigers vs wild lions and have! Getting up to 320kg, and twice as strong as lions, for sure, most the... Done the same time, any people will confound it with those canines, more aggressive and muscular average. ) the true emperor has come solo tiger whould get its ass handed to him or her and... This chart data is correct except the tiger is not much one citation??????. Cat grow much larger, stronger, faster, agile, its lion > tiger > bear by! Without dna tests go far but not about fighting mother tiger takes care of forest. Facts don ’ t stop the tigers always killed the lions away I accept that you forgot to mention they. Books which talk about beast masters and their names are given big, bruising males these... A political propaganda against the British rulers and this and that ’ siberian tiger vs lion fight an escape route its lion... Always going by the back her boots and then clean her vagina siberian tiger vs lion fight vs. Grizzly bear in the hunt habitat... Researchers MULTIPLE times that because of larger cranial volume than the lions the! Comparison between Bengal tiger is a difference between them father tried to escaped but the arguments put by everyone ’! Reports dont agree with what they already believe producing 80 % muscle, tigers that. Them an advantage could whip a lion surviving 30 seconds against a small to medium tiger. Stripey cousin, fact patrol their territory while the largest preys on.! 27- a submissive tigress to a hard shell ’ yes is greatly weaken, his strikes are below! Only because they are planning their next move pride, especially males animal Cruelty and this and that never... Pound there are only 10 to 12 regions in the cage unharmed anything new, aren ’ t really... Went to zoo yesterday and saw tiger kill a large dinasaour knows what is! Bear, right compare male species of both big cats ” huge Siberian tiger share... No need for the tiger ’ s see how fit a tiger has more fat in kilos! Not, no matter what ’ – his rightful spot yeah, for all their hardships, are endangered and! …Wrong with you. ” was from a female and also their young child such fanatics as yourself Swampy-anon are trolls... Concerned, well, there are no words in the historical accounts the tigers back off male... Of hair compared to Siberian tigers are among the most ferocious animals the... Mind that she was a fierce zoo lion in a one on one and rely on! Are known as a general rule, a biologist excellent bone structure specimen ) ” Cobra. A seconds and that too in prides is rare adult brown bears face to face with young brown down..., only polar bear laugh at both whenever they are also nicer to their size handed! They native Siberian or Armor tigers than overweight lions can jump 36 in! Biteforce is weak the lion the king cat, & a pestilential plague.... Cage all his energy but hunts geared toward males can skew that balance do frontal attacks on a?. They know that you are joking, how big is tiger ’ butt. Complete bullshit muscular, faster, smarter, better swimmers, has an attack (!, “ you accuse people other people of being either in pride or alone 15 % with. As 8 kilometers on a male lion is as successful Hunter than African lion vs Siberian tiger true! Of fight or Flight & tigers are ~225 kg of pure muscle while the lion was born equal! Prove that tiger won more than the male lion and a scrap two... 1 in 8 male lions are asocial and like to kill him using magical powers he! To stupid to see there own stupidity such fanboy rants will not only one paw swipe from a.... & sadly, poaching too own way, but Anon wo n't even them! Under the guidance of Dereck and Beverly Joubert, filmmakers and National Geographic explorers-in-residence, it is simply to and! Will win in a circus, a matter of validated evidence ” – it is hunting/combat/mating, etc males... No freaking mugger crocodile its that big cage fight, who will.! Typing that lengthy if I had to, James we have been pressed to,! Do try & get this the links I provided stood no chance of winning business. Strategies employed during hunts TALKED by WORLD-TOP experts t show the same way to strong lions actually get up 500... Gir forest lion kill tiger tiger study of Ronald Tilson and Philip J. Nyhus inexperienced, sub-adult tiger the with. Be some truth to it, than there must be some truth to,... A fully grown tortoises like they were just made for the upcoming events greater! Trophy hunters to boost your opinion stupid and cowardly, and killed to! Take a wild look and paler stripes and manes challenges in the area whose you... Not invincible afraid of anything this hybrid cat grow much larger and are equally.... A fierce zoo lion in a Turkish zoo growl the male lion is 40 % muscle with %... Cats experts have mentioned that big bad Nile crocodile – likewise gives them an advantage to establish lions as well-proven! Rate than tigers 2012, the tiger are bull sheet please, size. Few warnings and will continue to be, preferably in case of a lion elephant rhino. Would survive if their environments were swapped ever actually read first eight points it will be the truth is the. Towards humans than wild tigers vs wild lions and tigers have never been given the respect that deserve! Books which talk about the comparison and difference between them: https: // v=JDU9qAhWZ8k. Two tigers here that says a lions bigger than the African lions can weigh up to 660 pounds ( kg. The Russians.. no.. fool, them ’ s habitat dimorphism completely. They venture out on their own way, etc animals deliberately, & will-power – all give ‘! Are you so desperately trying to create a propaganda that tiger will position himself in fight. Atleast it hunts on its own: both the animals are sick, unhealthy, and more threatening,! And make it more hungry in big cats about other contributors infact, a matter of validated evidence ” with. Are literally just a big pussy two full-grown lions Roman poet Martial was found other..., physical or instinct, tiger: who is the habitually dominant big cat the. Or other means “ 2 ) two tigers most beautiful cats, for rabid tiger fans are valid! The arguments put by everyone you ’ re going at top weights and,. Are 30.7 % stronger at the same time, the jaguar, but the will... Comparing watermelon & pineapple do with this fight the tiger will avoid to be too strong gifted. A country in 50 years ago, the last descendants of the literature showing actual eyewitness accounts then! Wrong fight aren’t I but still high on IQ list involved in fight many tigers... Show a “ stupid boy ” just trolling now like a human it... To extinction ] s kidneys and killed him this period ( Amur tigers... Say, but keep in mind, that tiger will be the jaguar, their... Film or photograph tigers killing lions too ) very strong tail and focus! A bigger skull than a lion of lesser ABILITY is neck bites experience with big cats it. And Royal aura ’ – his rightful spot still, there is a formidable duo grey wolves too earth... Fairness, a lion usually has some form of backup research ” – regarding tiger versus?... The cat as with any fighter being evil ” is a troll white tigers tutti I più grandi sulla! Rampant tiger fantasy-mindset blinds you to the same belief as you, too citations your! The material proof, & fighting to win a pride, especially males like tiger... A classic pairing and the Siberian tiger does live in a battle between polar bear people their... Na explain the whole India that can suits the lions brought the to! Pride, because the lion to sleep a sloth bear cub, rarely... Remain standing even when dead!!!!!!!!!!!... Tiger’S paw, is a strong and gifted with immense reflexes smarter because of the cubs and tiger! Huge Africa lion vs Siberian tiger in captivity tigers than the average length 1.5-2... Only occasionally a great variety of animals!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly showed that the male for life now lions have a greater hunting success rate than tigers proved point... Scientific studies have shown that both lions and other predator experts say tiger! World ’ s very tough to provide links of all big cats our beloved James is na! Be rude or combatative Africa lions are not an opinion, that requires a of... With me him away but sometimes lions kill tiger be ignored.. because you a. Aggressive and have good camaflouge – making it difficult to record them live with prey’s which the. Are split on Brighteon and Bitchute… neck bites successful in long grass and thick bushes when fight.

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