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It delivers the same stunning, up-front sound and full feature set that made the original version such a huge hit. Das SE2200a gehört(e) zu den weltweit meistverkauften Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofonen der Einstiegsklasse. Microphones / Miking; By Paul White . Nov 5, 2020. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 4.8 ( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews ) 3 reviews: 60 % : 2 reviews: 40 %: Value For Money : Excellent Not satisfied with those reviews?Request a new review. Large-Diaphragm Small-Diaphragm Ribbon Dynamic Wireless Live X1 Series Rupert Neve Signature Series ... Rusanda Panfili Reviews the VR2 and RNR1. Share. This level of quality control is simply unprecedented, even in mics costing many times more. Z5600a Product Description; Electronic Musician, 2005-02; ProAudioReview, 2006-01; Z5600a Tube Upgrade, Homerec. The sE Electronics Z5600a2 gives musicians and engineers all of the capabilities they need in one mic. COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Nov 11, 2020. I allreay have m-audio project mix and m-audio studiophile bx8a deluxe monitors, and now i need a mic, i have money to by SE Z5600a II or RODE K2 so what do u think, which is better, i will record vocals, acoustic guitars and maybe combine it with some other mics for drums. 30 dagen-geld-terug en drie jaar garantie. There are plenty of goodies that come with sE Electronic’s Z5600a II. Reviews & News. Price engine . sE2200. First up is the Z5600a II. 3 user reviews. Z5600a-II, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from sE Electronics. The Z5600a-II is the third-generation release of sE’s 5600 microphone, originally released as the Z5600 in 2003. This time it was the Z5600a II multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser and a pair of Voodoo ribbon mics. Add to your order . what do u think i should get, if u have some other options say. Just to clarify a few things, sE electronics has gone through a few models of the Z56. Valve Microphones . Carson McClain. Nov 5, 2020. The Z5600a II can be used in any number of applications. SE Electronics bij Thomann – Europa’s grootste music shop. T2. The Z5600a II from sE Electronics is a large-diaphragm tube microphone that gives you a uniquely modern sound with a classic tube vibe. HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRONICS. sE Electronics Z5600A II Microphone Review Watch our video guide . Als die chinesische Mikrofonmanufaktur SE Electronics vor rund … Buy on Amazon UK. Price engine . Nov 11, 2020. The Z3300A is a multipattern, large-diaphragm FET condenser providing cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure-of-8 pickup patterns. Die Modellbezeichnung ist kompliziert, aber durchaus logisch. The Z5600a II large-diaphragm condenser is … Nine polar patterns, with serious tube and transformer tone. SE Electronics Z5600a II Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone. Oct 23, 2020. Prices starting at $999 average price: $1,049. The SE Electronics Z5600a II large-diaphragm condenser stands as one of the most versatile tube mics in today's market. A switchable onboard HPF cuts low end rumble (below 100 Hz). Vintage versatility at its finest, with a dead-quiet FET circuit. Oct 22, 2020. It's excellent choice for pop, country, folk, rock and any other vocals that need a clear and distinct sound that accentuates and records well. Microphones. 11/12/2009. Add your review for sE Electronics Z5600a II Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone at Sweetwater!! Oct 23, 2020 . overson's review - sE Electronics Z5600a-II + sE Electronics Z5600a-II. The latest version of sE's best-selling condenser microphone. Both are 9-pattern large-diaphragm tube mics. Not doing vocals? SE Electronics Z5600A Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone w/9 Polar Patterns The Z5600a II: a thick, rich tube mic that will flatter any source. SE have updated their Gemini and multi-pattern Z5600a mics with extra facilities and better technical specs. sE Electronics Z5600a II Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone ... and test every condenser capsule and ribbon element in-house before any mic reaches your hands. Buy on Amazon USA. All user reviews for the sE Electronics Z5600a. Contact Us Need Help? The Z56000a II is praised for it’s superb vocal recording with natural warmth and incredible detail. Whether you're recording Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Cabinets, Woodwinds or Piano, SE Electronics has the perfect mic to fit the bill. Add a Protection Plan: 4 Year Music Accident Protection Plan for $117.99. Where the original X1 was powerful, the redesigned electronics of the X1 S take its performance to a whole new level, giving it the highest dynamic range in its class. sE Electronics Z5600a II and Voodoo VR1 microphone on review. Maf21_12's review - sE Electronics Z5600a-II + sE Electronics Z5600a-II. Contact your Sales Engineer. With nine polar patterns, the Z5600a II is ready to record absolutely anything. The SE Z5600A Mark 2 is used in many of the world’s top professional studios. Are they worthy contenders for space in your mic locker? Z5600a II. Herausgekommen ist das SE2200a IIC im mattschwarzen Profilook. Enter Your Email To Get Access To The University Newsletter. SE Electronics chez Thomann – le plus gros magasin d´instruments de musique d´Europe. The Z5600A-II Studio Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone from sE Electronics is a versatile vacuum-tube condenser microphone that can be used for a wide variety of applications.. ), and a huge reduction in self-noise. Its internal redesign also allows for improved sensitivity, dramatically increased SPL handling (up to 160dB! Featuring 9 steps through omni, cardioid and figure eight patterns, -10dB pad and bass cut. A titanium capsule for punch, detail, and superb transient response. Product presentation . Try to find a situation that the sE Electronics Z5600a can't handle. In the nicely packaged case you get everything you need to get going. All three versions have been multipattern tube mics, but improvements to the circuitry and power supply have improved the noise and sensitivity specs. X1 Series. Royal Republic's "SUPERLOVE" and sE Mics. Type your name here. These small-diaphragm, fixed cardioid-pattern microphones are available either singly or in matched pairs and, unlike some pencil mics, don’t offer the option of switching capsules. Ei Electronics Ei650 im Preisvergleich Alle Varianten Testberichte Echte Nutzerbewertungen und geprüfte Shops Preis vergleichen und sparen! Used on countless recordings from world-renowned artists and home recording enthusiasts alike. The SE Z5600a Mk II Studio Microphone won many awards in the professional audio press worldwide, and has won thousands of fans with its ultra clean and detailed valve sound, nine polar patterns and great performance enhancing looks.. The versatile multi-pattern version of sE’s beloved classic sE2200. Show More Show Less. Reviews; SE Electronics Gemini II & Z5600a II. TEKSUO LIVE with The V7 MC1 Wireless Capsule. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for sE Electronics Z5600a II at User reviews . Nov 5, 2020. 30 jours satisfait ou remboursé et 3 ans de garantie. sE Electronics Z5600a II has been added to your Cart Include. You get the microphone itself, and a phantom power supply to run it, a decent shock mount that's custom built to fit the Z5600A, and the cables to connect everything up. sE Electronics’ affordable new pencil mics prove themselves more than capable on a wide range of sources. Sweetwater Z5600a II Reviews. SE Electronics Z3300A Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. Firstly there is the Z5600 which is the oldest in the series, then there is the Z5600A and then the Z5600A II. It replaced the model Z3300 in 2004. Type your email here. Product presentation . sE Electronics. User reviews . It is an incredibly versatile mic and also one of the best vocal mics available. Oct 23, 2020. sE2300. Founded in the turn of the Millenium by Siwei Zou, sE Electronics has rapidly grown into an internationally-respected studio brand. 3 user reviews. Nun hat SE Electronics das Erfolgsmodell einer Runderneuerung unterzogen. Shop Sweetwater inSync SweetCare Events Careers Used Gear Marketplace (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! sE Electronics brought out a revised version of the 2200a a few years back, so I was keen to see what it would be like in comparison to my trusty, and somewhat battered, original. Prices starting at $999 average price: $1,049. MIX magazine review - sE5 Chris Dauray who works with sE and helped me out on the MIX review, setup me up with a few more 'of my choice' mics to try out. Contact Us We're here to help. The Z5600a is the second generation of sE’s previously top-of-the-line Z5600 mic. Our members also liked: sE Electronics Z5600a-II; sE Electronics Gemini II ; Miktek CV4; Sort by. The Z5600 is drastically different than the Z5600A/Z5600A II (which are very similar). With 9 graded steps through omni, cardioid and figure eight patterns, a -10dB pad switch and bass cut, the Z5600a II works great for miking anything from a live drum kit, acoustic instruments, amps and even overheads on a choir. If you're looking for one stellar studio microphone that can capture a wide range of instruments and vocal ranges with the professional quality you need to produce successful records, then you'll find what you're looking for when you pick up a Z5600a II. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 4 Year Music Accident Protection Plan from Asurion, LLC NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs – parts, labor and shipping included. Z5600a-II, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from sE Electronics. Audio Media, 2004-04; MusicTech, 2004-12; SE Electronics Z5600a Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone. With nine polar patterns, sE Electronics' Z5600a II is a versatile microphone that is perfect for any kind of recording application. sE4400a . The sE Electronics sE2200 is the latest update of the company's venerable large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic — and, thanks to its discrete Class A components, it sounds incredible.

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